What The Hell Happened This Season?

In this episode of the Renegade Report, Herc. & Nolebra Kai discuss the disappointing 2017 season and the reasons behind it.

In the few weeks we’ve been off, so much has happened within the FSU program. The losses continue to add up, simply making a bowl game isn’t guaranteed, coaching changes are inevitable and the internal issues have made their way to the general public.

It’s already been reported that QB Coach / Co-Offensive Coordinator, Randy Sanders will not be on the coaching staff in 2018. What other coaching changes should happen? What other coaching changes are we hearing will happen?

Changing coaches alone isn’t enough, Jimbo Fisher has to make some philosophical compromises if FSU is to ever contend for another National Championship under his watch.

Click the play button above to listen to us discuss these things and much more.