The Chase Ends; The Journey Is Set To Begin

In this episode of the Renegade Report, Herc & Nolebra Kai discuss “The Chase” and the ongoing efforts to change the culture surrounding the program.

Whether you wanted Jimbo Fisher to stay or you’re happy that he left, the one thing that is not debatable is the culture within the program was broken. The first signs of this can be traced back to the 2014 season and the issues continued to mount until the day he finally resigned.

For Willie Taggart, in order to change the on-field results this season, he must first change the sense of entitlement and lack of accountability that ruined what was a championship culture  just 4 short years ago.

That change officially began with Willie Taggart’s offseason conditioning program called “The Chase”.  It was the first chance for the players to get on the field and work with their new coaches.  Now that it’s concluded, the one major takeaway from The Chase is that they players once again realize that it’s ok to work hard AND have fun.

Now that spring practice is around the corner, concerns have risen about Willie Taggart and his staff’s inexperience when it comes to coaching in big games.  Another concern that’s been voiced is the fact that Taggart’s teams have been heavily penalized.

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2018 Schedule Released

In this episode of the Renegade Report, Herc. & Nolebra Kai discuss the 2018 schedule.

The ACC released the 2018 schedule and at first glance the play on the field should improve but the record may not drastically improve in Willie Taggart’s first year.

The season begins against Virginia Tech on Labor Day, ends with a 5 game stretch that includes Clemson, Notre Dame and Florida.  Midseason FSU plays back to back road games against Louisville and Miami.

We also discuss the final pieces to the coaching staff being announced and give overall opinion of the staff.

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