2017 Fall Camp Week 2 Review

In this episode of the Renegade Report, Herc. & Nolebra Kai review week 2 of FSU’s 2017 Fall Camp.

The 2nd week of fall camp concluded with a scrimmage on Sunday night in Doak Campbell Stadium.  Jimbo Fisher seemed pleased with the effort and execution from all 3 phases of his team despite having 10-12 players not participate with various injuries.

The biggest news of the week came when Jimbo Fisher announced that if this was a game week, Derrick Kelly would be the starting left tackle.  Needless to say, Nolebra Kai is not happy with the constant “tinkering” on the offensive line.  Cole Minshew missed the scrimmage but Jimbo said that he, along with everyone else who missed the scrimmage, will be back at practice this week?

We wonder aloud will Matthew Thomas be included in the group of players who return to practice this week.  It has been long rumored that his final year of eligibility was in question due to academics.  Most of us feel that the “illness” that caused him to miss practice last week was really a final push to get qualified.

In an effort to improve the return game, FSU auditioned several different players for kickoff and punt return roles.  As it stands right now, Derwin James and Keith Gavin will be the kickoff returners.  Cam Akers and Amir Rasul will back them up.  It’s still not clear who the starting punt returner will be.

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2016 Season Recap

In this episode of the Renegade Report, Herc. & Nolebra Kai recap the Noles’ 2016 season.


FSU finished the 2016 season by winning their last 5 games and 7 of the last 8.  Despite that finish, Herc. still feels like the season was a disappointment.  Jimbo Fisher and the coaching staff didn’t push the right buttons early in the season to get maximum effort from the players.  The offensive line continued to struggle.  The biggest disappointment was all the injuries (notably Derwin James) that prevented us from seeing just how good this team could be.

Despite the disappointments, there were several positives takeaways from the season.  FSU swept Florida and Miami for the 4th straight season.  They also proved to be the more physical team in their Orange Bowl victory over Michigan.

We also discuss whether or not there will be some coaching changes in the off season.

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