Uninspired, Unimpressive, Unacceptable

In this episode of the Renegade Report, Herc & Nolebra Kai recap the Noles 24-16 victory over Wake Forest.


It was an unimpressive and uninspired effort by FSU yesterday. Was it because of the weather? Was it because the slew in injuries early in the game? Was it because the team was looking ahead to their showdown against Miami next week? Regardless of the reason(s), what we saw yesterday is unacceptable.

Will injuries to Dalvin Cook and Mario Pender finally force Everett Golson to use his legs as a weapon? On the opposite end of the spectrum, is it time to bench Golson and see if Sean Maguire can spark the offense?

With the Miami Hurricanes coming to town we fully expect to see a much better effort Saturday night. The question is will it be good enough to win the game?

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